Wilmots: Belgium is ready for Algeria

The 45-year-old says his side has analyzed the videos of its first opponent's last ten matches and insists nothing will surprise the Belgians when they meet the Africans.

Belgium coach Marc Wilmots is confident he has done everything in his power to prevent a World Cup upset at the hands of Algeria.

The 2014 tournament provided a major shock on Saturday as Costa Rica stunned Uruguay with a 3-1 victory in Fortaleza, while few expected Netherlands to defeat reigning champion Spain on Friday - especially not 5-1.

Wilmots is aware Belgium will go into its opening game against Algeria on Tuesday as the favorite to claim three points.

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Yet he insists there is no danger of the African nation being underestimated when the action gets under way in Belo Horizonte.

"I'm not especially worried because I care more about my team than the opponent but we do work, it's always the same thing," explained Wilmots at a press conference. "We do a video analysis of the last 10 games, yes the last 10, to know every starting XI. I won't give you the sheets that I've got here, but I know about each player individually and in which system they played.

"So we are ready, we know everything about Algeria, but what I'm interested in is that our players know all about it. It's why for the past two or three days, they got the pictures, the strengths and the weaknesses of each player. I prefer to do it over a week, so we have time to look and to talk about it.

"If you give them everything the day before the game, it's way too much information, so right after Algeria, they'll have information on Russia for three or four days.

"And it allows our players to come to us, to talk about it with the staff, for players who are interested in that. This helps us to avoid any surprises."