Jack Wilshere: England has its own style

The Arsenal midfielder claims the Three Lions have their own style and admits that he does feel the pressure that comes with being a regular for club and country.
Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere says that while England does not play like other nations, that does not mean it is lacking in technical ability.

The Three Lions have long been criticized for their failings at the international level, even though they booked their place in this summer's World Cup by topping their qualification group.

Howver, Wilshere has dismissed the notion that England does not possess technically gifted players capable of playing good passing football.

“I believe we don’t really play like other nations, but in the end we’ve got our own style,” the midfielder told RWD Football. “We’ve got our own way of playing. That’s England.

“Just because we don’t play like Spain doesn’t mean we haven’t got a high level of technical ability. We’re changing our game all the time, and we want to adapt it to a level where we are going to be able to win things at an international level. If that requires passing it around a bit more, then we’ll do it. But at the moment, we’re doing all right. We’ve got to the World Cup, so we’ll stick to our guns for the moment.”

Wilshere also admits that he does feel the pressure that comes with being a regular for both club and country, despite still only being 22.
“It’s brought pressure on me. I’m not sure it’s unwanted pressure. I think when you play at the highest level, there is pressure all the time,” the Arsenal man added. “Also a lot of fans pay good money and a lot of people come and watch like friends, family and the media in particular. That’s their job.

"So they have to analyze your performance, and they have to have someone who they can sort of put up on a pedestal.”