World Cup 2010 Worldview: Who Will Win The Final?

Ask the editors.'s global team of editors comes together to predict the score of this year's World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain.

From the two countries involved, right down to South Africa, through to Japan and back around to the USA, this is the place to find the global perspective on the biggest match of the year.

Peter Pedroncelli - Africa
Netherlands 0-2 Spain
This game is special because it will provide a new World Cup winner, and I believe that Spain will come out on top over 90 minutes thanks to their fine possession play and passing game. The Dutch are an incredible team, but the Spanish have shown little weakness and always seem to control the game. David Villa will get on the score sheet once again.
Ewan Macdonald - International
Netherlands 0-1 Spain
The Dutch have enjoyed a magnificent unbeaten run, and surprised much of the world with their coherence and discipline, but this run is about to come to an end. Spain will truly click into gear just in time to lift the World Cup for the first time, one goal from Villa making the difference in an unusually tense game.
Sulmaan Ahmad - UK
Netherlands 1-2 Spain

Spain are in a technical class of their own and while not dazzling, are strategically supreme and confident in matches of any magnitude. Holland will play for their lives and thus may sneak a goal, but will struggle for possession and ultimately be unable to withstand the pressure, even if the difference has to be made by one of Spain's many great substitutes, and even if that difference comes after extra time.
Ceyhun Bayel - Turkey
Netherlands 1-0 Spain
Holland and Germany have played nearly with the same style in this tournament and in the previous round Spain showed how they can beat this style. Holland’s backline is a bit weaker than Germany's defence, and this game become easier for Spain. The Furia Roja's extraordinary midfield along with striker David Villa will bring the European Champions the World Cup.
Nils Reschke - Germany
Netherlands 0-1 Spain
Both teams impressed with a very effective style. Germany were the victim of the masters in midfield, Andres Iniesta and Xavi. Brazil couldn't watch as fast as Holland came from a goal behind to win 2-1. In the final I don't expect many goals, because many players will neutralise each other. At the end, Spain will dictate the speed of match better - and scores thanks to Torres.
Wout Stravers - Netherlands
Netherlands 2-1 Spain
Just like the match against Brazil, Holland is the underdog. The Dutch proved that they can defend like a team and rely on their attacking stars. Against Spain it will be the ultimate test, but I expect the Furia Roja will struggle to have the game in their hands. With Mark van Bommel and Nigel de Jong in a defensive key role on Sunday, Holland will go all the way for the first time ever.
Sergio Aguilera - Spain
Netherlands 2-1 Spain
Spain is just one step away to achieving their biggest dream: to become World Champions. The key of the match for the team trained by Vicente del Bosque will be to impose their control in the midfield and to maintain the opportunities by Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder to a minimum. If the figures of Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta take the lead of the match, Spain will lift the trophy of World Champions.    
Tony Mutong - China
Netherlands 3-2 Spain
There is a common saying in Chinese that "if you try something three times, you will succeed once." Considering their defeats in 1974 and 1978, I think Netherlands will win the title in 2010 and become World Cup champions. This game will be exciting. Del Bosque gives Fernando Torres another chance and 'El Nino' will repay him by scoring twice... but the Dutch will rise to the occasion, with Van Persie, Sneider and Robben scoring. Final score will be 3-2 for the Netherlands.
Fabrizio Ponciroli - Italy
Netherlands 1-3 Spain
This will be a match for the history books as a new World Cup winner will be crowned. I believe that Spain are superior to Holland. The hero of the match will be David Villa, who will score. I love Holland but think that Spain will win the World Cup.
Andrea Canales - USA
Netherlands 0-2 Spain
Possession is king in this sport, and while it doesn't guarantee a win, it raises the odds considerably. Spain should make their time on the ball pay off, early on and likely late in the match when the Dutch are pressing to equalize.
Bima Said - Indonesia
Netherlands 2-0 Spain
Looking back at all of their matches since the qualifiers and the strengths of the two sides, I can conclude that this final is a battle of the equals. Spain will dominate the game with their possession football, but Holland have played more effectively as a team, and will take advantage of their few chances where Germany failed to produce.
Takashi Sugiyama - Japan
Netherlands 2-1 Spain
Netherlands' players are realists not just romantic men this time. They have crucial players like Sneijder or Robben. Spain are excellent team but it would be good for Holland to win their first final in their third attempt.
Rahul Bali - India
Netherlands 2-1 Spain
It will certainly be a battle of the midfield with Spain being the better passers while the Dutch can surely disrupt the proceedings with the likes of De Jong and Van Bommel. It's vital for the Oranje army to stop David Villa and more importantly, Xabi Alonso who is one of the vital cogs in the Spanish midfield. I still believe that the Spanish defense can be breached on quick counter-attacks as Sergio Busquets is over-rated and is no Marcos Senna.

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