David Beckham hoping for waterfront stadium in Miami

The former Manchester United great has released plans for a waterfront stadium in Miami but there's still work to do before that vision becomes reality.
At times, it seemed like David Beckham could see what was going to happen before it actually took place. He would line up a free kick which looked to be an impossible task, look out over the wall, and the ball would end up in the back of the net.

Now, he's trying to make sure everyone sees his off-field vision. Beckham and members of his potential ownership group of a Miami MLS franchise released renderings showing their plans for a 20,000-25,000 seat stadium on PortMiami. The stadium would be a collaboration between local architecture firm Arquitectonica and Kansas City-based 360 Architecture, which designed the most recent Super Bowl host MetLife Stadium among other projects. The stadium would cost $200 million and be funded privately. The designs show a stadium with an undulating canopy above its seats and views of the port where it would be situated.

Building a soccer-specific stadium is a requirement for Beckham if he's actually going to get a MLS franchise in Miami. The stadium plans unveiled Monday could be ready by 2018, though plenty of hurdles still remain for Beckham to get over. The largest is land rights. Beckham's group hopes the stadium plans will help build support for their group getting the portion of land on PortMiami's Dodge Island where they want to build the stadium. Besides parking and traffic concerns, they also face opposition from RoyalCaribbean, the cruise line whose headquarters sit near the proposed site on PortMiami, which is the largest passenger cruise port in the world.

"Miami is all about the water, all about the culture," Beckham said in remarks quoted by the Associated Press. "I don't think people see that enough. Our site is all about the skyline. It opens up to that. And that's what we want, people to see that all around the world."

If the site doesn't work out, Beckham's real estate adviser, John Alschuler, said there are other locations the group has considered for a stadium.

“We want to come to the port only if we’re an asset to the port,” Alschuler told the Miami Herald. “If we’re a liability to the port, then we shouldn’t be there.”

Beckham has been awarded the rights to a MLS franchise in Miami but must have plans for a soccer-specific stadium in place before the team can begin play. Many timelines have suggested the team could start play at a temporary location in 2016 and move into its new home two seasons later.

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