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USA's Terrence Boyd hopes for chance to make impact

The Rapid Vienna striker hasn't seen much playing time in 2013 and is scoreless for the U.S., but he is willing to be patient and develop his game.

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Terrence Boyd is ecstatic that his friend Jozy Altidore has finally broken his two-year scoreless drought for the United States.

"I was very happy for him," the striker said. "It can be hard to go one or two years without scoring and to see what he was doing at the club, I was very happy for him [to break the drought]."

Now, Boyd wants his turn to get on the scoring charts.

"I'm definitely looking to forward to scoring my first goal," Boyd stated. "It's hard to stay calm but you just have to be patient, the goals will come."

The 22-year-old hasn't scored in his eight appearances for the U.S. senior side and admits that he wants more of an opportunity to show what he can do. A full-time starter with his club team, Rapid Vienna, Boyd explained that it is difficult to transition into being a bit player for the United States.

"It is tough, every game that you just sit there and hope and pray that you get in, that you get a chance to play," Boyd said. "In the games, you just hope that you get some chances, and obviously it's not easy. It's a lot of waiting and in practice to show that you are a good alternative."

Boyd made his senior debut with the national team in the United States' stunning 1-0 away win over Italy, coming in as a late substitute. At the time, Boyd was a standout reserve-team player for German Bundesliga giant Borussia Dortmund and was thought to be one of the club's top young strikers.

The German-American would get his first start for the U.S. against Scotland in a 5-1 rout over the British side and shortly after moved to Rapid. While Boyd had a momentous 2012, he hasn't seen much action this year but insists that he hasn't complained to U.S. boss Jurgen Klinsmann about his role.

"I don't think I'm in the position to say that I deserve to play more," Boyd said. "When you look at Clint and at Jozy, those are some good strikers. So I just keep calm and do my work. I think in the future, they'll be able to see that I'm able to score too."

Boyd is very focused on developing into a more complete attacker. Though he might have had a chance to see some minutes at Dortmund, Boyd moved to Rapid in Austria to lock down a starting position. Overall, Boyd is content with his first year at Rapid, pointing to the fact that he scored 13 goals and had a chance to play in the Europa League. Still, he admits he could have done a lot better in his debut season.

"I'm not that satisfied with my first season. I know that I could have scored way more goals than I did. I still have a lot of room to improve," Boyd stated. "I'll try to do that next year."

Boyd believes that his biggest weakness is being a bit trigger-happy, describing moments where maybe he should have looked for a better shot or passed the ball.

"I think you have to be calmer in front of goal," Boyd said. "Where you just try to shoot it when you didn't have to, maybe you could wait or fake it first. So yeah, that made me angry but you have to stay calm.

"I have to make my game faster. You have to play more as a combination player. That's where I can improve."

Klinsmann seems to agree with Boyd on the areas where he needs to improve. The U.S. head coach hinted that Boyd's gung-ho mentality can frustrate coaches at times.

"Terrence is very emotional. He can be simple-minded and all he's dreaming of is scoring goals. Sometimes he forgets what he has to actually do to get on the field," Klinsmann explained. "He just wants to score goals. You tell him to keep the ball and he's running at three defenders or shooting from 30 yards."

As frustrating as those aspects can be, Klinsmann said that he likes Boyd due to his work ethic and drive to succeed.

"He's dedicated to it. He gives you everything that he has," Klinsmann said. "He's very proud to be an American and that builds into the chemistry with the group of guys."

Although Boyd didn't have a chance to see much of Klinsmann's playing career growing up, he respects his coach's opinion and is happy to learn under one of Germany's greatest strikers. Klinsmann is constantly pointing out areas of Boyd's game where he can improve. Boyd may want more opportunities but he also is aware that it is very difficult for teams to rotate their squads during World Cup qualifying.

"It's about points now and that's crucial, you just have to wait," Boyd said.

Boyd's situation may not be ideal but he is willing to wait for his opportunity to make an impact.

"Best case would be next game... the next game I get it in but you just have to be patient as a young player," he said.

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