AZ director: No Schalke or Lazio bids for Jozy Altidore

AZ's GM Earnest Stewart has denied reports that Altidore can be sold for 4 million euros and said that he hasn't heard from either Lazio or Schalke.
AZ director Earnie Stewart has denied reports that Lazio and Schalke have expressed interest in American striker Jozy Altidore.

"Those clubs have not reported themselves to AZ so I don't know anything about this," Stewart told Goal via email. reported that Lazio was interested in Altidore and listed Schalke as one of several clubs also in the running to sign the 23-year-old, with Altidore's agent, Lyle Yorks, confirming that plenty of clubs are interested in the physical striker.

Another report listed the asking price for Altidore at 4 million euros, but Stewart denied that there was an set figure at this point.

"Not at all accurate. We have never mentioned a price for Jozy," Stewart insisted.

Stewart wouldn't comment on the amount that he would want for the former Red Bulls starlet, but similar strikers in the Eredivisie are being listed for triple the amount reported.

Considering that Wilfred Bony, a striker who put up similar numbers to Altidore, is being listed between 10-15 million euros, it is very likely that AZ would hold out for a large transfer.