DaMarcus Beasley nervous as he approaches 100th cap

Beasley admits that the anticipation of his milestone cap is on his mind but wants to remain focused on facing Belgium on Wednesday.
CLEVELAND -- DaMarcus Beasley is usually the definition of swagger. In a 13-year career filled with ups and downs, Beasley never changes. He's always confident.

However, with the midfielder approaching his 100th cap in Wednesday's friendly against Belgium, the 30-year-old admits he's a bit antsy heading into the game.

"I'm excited but I'm a little nervous, to be honest," Beasley said. "With this kind of game, you don't want to mess up. It's still another game after the whistle blows, the 100th cap thing goes out the window."

He added: "I'm not really a nervous guy [normally]... but I think I'm putting more pressure on myself than anyone else. I just don't want to make any mistakes. I want to make sure that we win."

Beasley has 16 relatives attending his century match at Cleveland's First Energy Stadium, but it was just three years ago when it appeared like this day would never happen.

Beasley's career got off to an auspicious start as he rose from playing with the Chicago Fire to PSV due to his blazing speed on the left wing. Then the injuries started to take a toll.

After his contract at then-Scottish giant Rangers had expired, it took several months for him to find a club before signing with Hannover 96. Appearances were hard to come by for the left winger as he only played in four games for the club.

After he was released by Hannover, Beasley's career was reinvigorated by deciding to join the Mexican Primera Division, now Liga MX, with Puebla. Beasley's determination played a big factor in Jurgen Klinsmann deciding to bring him back into the fold. The Indiana native has spent his entire career on offense but he admits it took only 10 seconds for him to agree to play left back when the U.S. boss asked him to fill in that spot.

"Basically, the only time I play left back is when I'm here," Beasley explained. "It's short time for me to adapt to the left back position. I feel that when I'm on the field whether it's left back, right back, middle or the front, I can still help the team if Jurgen sees that where he puts me I can help the team.

"I'm glad to be a part of the team. For me, it's an honor. Whenever I represent the USA, it's always blessing for me."

U.S. captain Clint Dempsey praised Beasley attitude and his willingness to fight through struggles.

"I'm proud of him because it hasn't always been an easy road for him to get to those 100 caps," Dempsey stated. "He started off really well and then went to a bump in the road where he wasn't getting called or getting games. He showed his quality in getting back.

"The fact that he can play in a number of positions shows his quality and experience and what he can add to this team. So I'm happy to see him to get to the 100 mark and he's been a boost for us. I thought he played really well in his last two games."

Even at the height of Beasley's career, he admits that he had never given much thought to the possibility of having a lengthy spell with the United States.

"I would never think that I would play 99 more games [after his first cap]," Beasley said. "It's been a great ride, it was a little bit bumpy in the middle, but I wouldn't change anything for the world."