Costa Rica wants replay of World Cup qualifier against the USA

Costa Rica has lodged a complaint with FIFA and asked for a replay of the match the team lost against the USA in snowy conditions.
Costa Rica is demanding a replay of the match it lost against the USA in blizzard conditions Friday night, claiming that the match should have been stopped due to the poor playing conditions.

"We [have] already handed a formal report and complaint within 24 hours post-match, according to the regulations," Eduardo Li, president of the federation, told the Zona Tecnica football show on Channel 7. "We attached videos and claimed this match must be played again.

"It was terrible. While the match was being played, at the same time, machines and people came onto the field to clean the lines. We fought - we talked to the [match] commissioner, who totally rejected our complaint. These are embarrassing situations we should not accept."

The USA won the match thanks to a Clint Dempsey goal early on, but chances dried up as the snow made the conditions harder to deal with.

USSF president Sunil Gulati said after the match that he felt the decision not to stop play was the right one.

"That, frankly, would not have been to the advantage of either of the two teams, since they both play on Tuesday," Gulati said. "Obviously you worry about the safety of players and being able to see the ball. The referee and the match commissioner made the decision that the game could continue and I think it was the right decision."

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