Ask An Editor: Latin influence, U.S. striker situation and the CCL USA chief editor Allen Ramsey delves a bit further into some of the questions you asked during Friday's Twitter chat.
From @kevnrw2: What's your take on the recent U-20 roster and its "latino influence?" Will that be the trend for future squads?

@AllenRamsey: I think it is a growing trend, and I think it's here to stay. The academy system and the trend toward Mexican teams finding talent in the States has opened up more chances for Latino players.

More Depth: I grew up playing with Latino players in Texas, and the potential and talent was always around. Chances to play for the big club in Dallas or Houston weren't always around though, due largely to the cost involved at the time. The academy system has opened up a lot of doors for players who couldn't have afforded to play in the top leagues in the past, and with Mexican clubs starting to scout in the USA more and more, this trend isn't going anywhere.

From @MakeMeeSandwich: Which USMNT striker do you see making a big leap this year to give Jozy Altidore a legit striking partner?

@AllenRamsey: That's a tough one. Not sure how many are going to get the chance this year. I still like what Terrence Boyd could become, but they all have a long way to go. It'll be Clint Dempsey with him this year I think, with Herculez Gomez getting his share too.

More Depth: Somebody will have to step up to help Altidore, that much is clear. Right now Dempsey is too dangerous not to play him as a striker with this team, so my assumption is that he'll be Altidore's primary partner. Gomez is also option that Klinsmann likes, so he's clearly in the mix, but the next guy up is a complete unknown.

From @PlaintiveWhale: Do you see the Tigres-Sounders result changing the way Mexican teams approach the CONCACAF Champions Leage?

@AllenRamsey: It really might. Mexican teams are well ahead of MLS in most respects, but consistent CCL losses wouldn't sit well.

More Depth: I personally don't think just this result is enough to make Mexican teams stand up and take full notice of the threat from MLS, but it's a step in the rigth direction. Mexican teams want to dominate the region, and the pay structure in Mexico should allow that to happen, but for MLS to win some of these ties and force Mexican clubs to take notice of the competition would be a huge positive for CONCACAF and MLS.