Tim Howard doesn't want to play as long as Brad Friedel

Ahead of his 200th consecutive EPL appearance, the United States' top goalkeeper revealed to Goal.com that he doesn't envision playing into his 40s
Tim Howard is scheduled to make his 200th consecutive appearance in the English Premier League this Saturday against Stoke City. Sound familiar?

Howard's U.S. national team predecessor Brad Friedel just ended his consecutive streak of appearances at 310 earlier this season. At 33 years old, Howard has every chance to match or top Friedel in three years. But that's where the similarities stop between the two men.

When asked if he would like to emulate Friedel's lengthy career into his 40s, Howard admitted that he doesn't see his time in the game being as long as the Tottenham keeper.

"Me personally, no," Howard told Goal.com. "I have some things that I want to do, some goals that I want to accomplish outside of the game. It's not something that I see myself doing."

Though he has goals outside of soccer when he ultimately decides to retire, Howard hinted that he'll probably never completely lose his competitive edge.

"Having said that if you're fit and ready to take on the world, you feel you can still do it," Howard explained. "I'm sure there's a side of me that would still want to. But at 33 years old right now, I look at it and say it's not for me."

Overall, Howard has made 295 appearances in the Premier League, making 45 starts for Manchester United before joining the Toffees in 2006. Friedel, 41, has made 471 appearances in the Premier League featuring for Liverpool, Blackburn, Aston Villa and Tottenham.