Boost Mobile Hot Topics: Messi's record-breaking year, Chivas USA's turnaround and Kaka to MLS rumors

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Over the past week, the Hot Topics included the Lionel Messi's record-breaking year, Chivas USA's turnaround and Kaka to MLS rumors.

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Messi tops Muller's record of 85 goals

User: Stephen Keane

Congratulatins to Lionel Messi on breaking Gerd Muller's record 86 goals in a calendar year, it is just ridiculous to be honest.

For me Messi is the best player to have played the game. The difference between him and Ronaldo is that Messi plays 100% for the team and doesn't show petulance. Ronaldo is a great player but at times he plays for himself and has an ego.

Ronaldo is a fantastic player, I like watching him but for me Messi is on another level.

Editor response:

Congratulations are in order for Messi on breaking the record, and it is ridiculous how many goals he scored. However, there’s no real reason to criticize Ronaldo. Can’t we all just appreciate that both are great players without having to pick sides?

It’s easy to say that Messi plays 100 percent for the team and isn’t petulant, but you don’t score as many goals as he has without being a bit greedy from time to time and there were reports of him having problems with teammates this season. Both are great players and Messi deserves all the praise he gets for scoring that many goals, but there’s no reason, if you’re not a fan of either team, that you can’t appreciate that you’re getting to see two of the best players ever face off in their prime in arguably the greatest rivalry in all of sports.

-Allen Ramsey, USA Chief Editor

Chivas USA must commit resources

User: anonymous

I am mexican and a Club America fan and I believe that if Vergara can manage to get the right players on the team, Chivas Usa can be a very succesful team, he should use up its three DP slots to get quality mexican players who have a name for themselves, I am not a Chivas fan, but with the right players on the team I would go see them play over the galaxy anytime. And I am sure all the Mexican's and mexican-americans in LA who follow El Tri feel the same way. They would choose the Chivas Usa over the galaxy without a doubt.

Editor response:

In theory, you might be right, but Chivas owner Jorge Vergara has shown little ability to influence quality Mexican players to join Chivas, and the ones that would really drive the meter while still maintaining quality on the field -- either up-and-coming national team stars or veterans -- are most likely out of Chivas' and MLS's price range. As much as Chivas wants to try to make its team more Mexican-friendly, the key to having success in MLS isn't zoning in on one demographic. It is navigating the tight salary constraints with wise signings while connecting on the big-money signings. I agree that if Chivas is going to compete with the Galaxy in the same market that it needs to add big-name players, and big-name Mexican players would obviously help fans identify more with the team, but the club can't possibly limit itself to just the Mexican player pool, especially considering the track record of Mexican players in MLS, Cuauhtemoc Blanco aside, is not great.

-Avi Creditor, USA Editor

Kaka laughs off LA Galaxy rumors

User: Roberto Gonzalez

The main reason I don't believe he will come to the MLS at this moment is because it would hurt his chances of making the Brazil squad for the 2014 World Cup. Besides he seems to believe he has a point to prove at Madrid, which is a little different than Beckham. Having had chances to join bigger leagues after he seemed doomed at Madrid also makes it seem unlikely he'll leave now, especially as he is playing more now.

Editor response:

Kaka is probably a couple years away from joining MLS, but now would be the perfect time for the Brazilian to come to North America. While Kaka laughs off the Galaxy rumors, a potential move to New York may not be so funny. The NY Post reports that Kaka has an apartment and his brother spent half a season with the Red Bulls. And did I mention that the Red Bulls have an open DP spot?

-Mike Slane, North America Managing Editor

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