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Cruyff's tenure at Chivas doomed from start

User: Damn Yankee

Cruyff should give back all the money he got. I mean, that was like taking candy from a little kid. C'mon now!

I believe that Chivas must realized that what worked half a century ago doesn't work today. Look at Xolos. Less than two years in the top league and already champions.

When I get a chance to see a team from the Mexican league play here in the states or Mexican national team I go and watch them. I've seen Pachuca, Monterrey, America, Santos, etc. and to best of my knowledge these teams are better because of foreing players they have in their rosters. Monterey is in Japan as we speak while Chivas is at home.

Even the Mexican national team has foreign born players in their squad.

Having an owner that is there for the profit rather than winning titles doesn't help matters either.

Editor response:

Cruyff's tenure in Guadalajara was by all measures a failure, but abandoning the all-Mexican policy as a result is probably not the best idea. Part of the problem here was a contrast in styles and approaches between Chivas and Dutchmen Cruyff and coach John Van't Schip. Chivas is a unique and proud Mexican institution. On top of producing some good football, it lends a service to El Tri and the country as whole by producing copious amounts of young Mexican players. It's not necessary to give up on any of that to turn Chivas around. The key instead is good management and a long-term vision that focuses on that player development and bridging young players into the first team -- and sticking to it through the highs and lows.

-Brent Latham, USA columnist

Mourinho: Ballon d'Or winner already decided

User: Los Blancos

Mourinho is right in his opinion. It's ridiculous all that propaganda done for messi for all months of the year by the media and press even if ends with no trophy for his club but individual achievements.

If the case is like that, then let messi play for a bottom table team in any big league with same high performance and let the same coaches voting give him the Ballon D'or!!!!!
The concept of giving trophies is nonsense, so if we were in the era of Pele, he must dominate the individual trophies for the whole decade even in seasons he didn't play at top form????

Not against messi as a player to take the trophy but there are other players who deserve it too in a certain year. For example there were times that iniesta and xavi deserved awards but ended up clapping for messi in the ceremony, that's nonsense.

The same coaches who don't change year to year for the national teams vote, so how will a new player take the award when same coaches voted for messi last year??!!
Cristiano surely deserved it not just because of his individual high achievements but also helping Real Madrid to win trophies.

Editor response:

It would be nice to see somebody else take the award, but it's also very hard to argue with what Messi has been able to do. I personally think that Ronaldo and the Barcelona midfielders could be argued for just as strongly, but when a player is chasing one of the iconic records in the history of the sport, it's not hard to figure out why he's consistently getting votes. Prior to this season Messi was not only scoring but winning titles left and right. But with Madrid winning La Liga and Chelsea taking the Champions League, there's plenty of reason to consider other players for the top individual honors.

-Allen Ramsey, USA Chief Editor

Confederations Cup groups announced

User: Alfonzo Torres

Wow group B will be a walk in the park for Spain.

Tough group for Mexico. But Im confident we'll see the knockout stages. Namely because:

1) While hosts Brazil will be favorite, they just got a new coach and given the last ten recent years, I believe Mexico can compete with Brazil.

2) Italy is a European country, and for some reason Euro countries perform (poorly) in south america. Now thats a precedent, it can change, but I hope it doesnt!

3) Mexico will field THE most talented squad it has developed; la generacion de oro started with los ninos heroes (gio, vela, moreno) and given the even younger Olympian generation I have no doubt that Mexico will be competitive in this group.

Editor response:

Mexico is starting to come together around the growing sense that it is a big team destined to compete deep into big competitions. Brazil is never a cake walk, but as Fluminense manager Abel Braga said recently: Mexico is a pebble in the Selecao's shoe. I don't think there is one team in the world right now that can consistently disarm Brazil as Mexico has done (on all levels) in recent years.

Italy isn't the powerhouse of lore, but it's still very dangerous. This is Mexico's toughest match, and if Prandelli wants to invoke the old Catenaccio and bludgeon Mexico with counterattacks, it very well might.

As for the golden generation bit, it's pretty clear to me and others that Mexico has done a good job of harvesting the cream of its youth crop so far. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few Olympians creep into the Confederations squad, and the Hexagonal, for good reason. Mexico won't cruise into the next round of the Confederations, but it'll be in the semifinals. No doubt about it

-Eric Gomez, Mexico Chief Editor

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