Is Steven Gerrard the master of shooting? thinks that Gerrard’s shooting ability is among the best in the world.
While Liverpool’s recent form hasn’t been what the Reds fan base was hoping for, few players in the world have demonstrated a mastery of the shooting technique like Steven Gerrard.

The long-time Liverpool player excels in shooting and keepers around the world know, when given any space outside the box, Gerrard will be picking up the ball from the back of the net. The midfielder’s unstoppable shot starts with a strong base leg. The right-footed English Captain always ensures that his left foot is positioned strongly beside the ball, giving him the stability to swing his right foot.

Gerrard surpasses other players in two facets: keeping his head down and using his laces to achieve greater power and accuracy. The most notable goalscorers around the world possess similar physical qualities to Gerrard, most importantly, strong legs and core muscles.

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