Cristiano Ronaldo's First Touch

Ronaldo does not lack confidence and that's evident in his first touch.
While Cristiano Ronaldo's striking ability and pace on and off the ball are unparalleled, it's his first touch that gives him the ultimate edge. 

Ronaldo's confidence, coupled with his technical ability, ensures that the ball is always in the best possible position for the Real Madrid star to succeed. Using various parts of the body, he creates a soft cushion to receive and settle the ball. It's at this point when Ronaldo becomes a triple threat, in total possession and the perfect position to have a shot on goal, explode past a defender or pass to a teammate.

The SKLZ Agility Cones improve a player's ability to decelerate, which is important when mastering the first touch.  In order to gain control of the ball, a player must be able to control their body and stop quickly.  Training with the Lateral Resistor forces athletes to maintain proper body positioning and strengthens the muscles responsible for lower body movements and without a strong lower body, controlling the soccer ball is nearly impossible.

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