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Vergara: Chivas USA turned down Chicharito loan

User: Cesar

And that my friends is why MLS is 3rd tier League. They're so infatuated with old has been retirees that they wouldn't know a quality youngsters if it hit them in the back of the head.

Its like the Argentinos and other sud Americanos from were saying regarding Copa America 2016 besides the insult of having it in the USA.

- MLS is ALL marketing, it seems like its growing but that's just the mass marketing doing its thing. They don't care about the sport, there's no culture no passion, they just care about money. What would happen if NY Red Bulls decides it's done with soccer? Bye-Bye Red Bulls that's what would happen! -

I usually don't agree with Argentinos and those words aren't mine, just what the world thinks.

Marketing is part of the game, and between 2007 and 2009, when this deal would have happened, Chicharito was still a nobody with potential. There's a reason Chivas was willing to let him go out on loan, and it wasn't because he was  a great player at the time. Potential isn't really what you want out of a guy you're getting on loan for one year if you're an MLS team. Beckham and Henry had 10 times the value in terms of marketing and sales, and both were proven commodities that could help their teams immediately. As far as recognizing young talent: What's the point in recognizing a young talent if you have no chance of developing it for the long term? Limited resources in MLS make these kinds of deals very hard to do. There are plenty of reasons MLS is a third-tier league, and certainly the inability of teams to recognize and develop young talent has played its part, but not signing Chicharito on loan for a year is probably not all that close to topping the list of mistakes made by the league.

-Allen Ramsey, USA chief editor

Diskerud scores in stoppage time to help Americans earn memorable draw

User: Bryan Girkins

what a game. after russia was completley dominating us, we found our way into the game and played with them the rest of the game. russia was denied by howard so many times and probably deserved to win. 12 shots, 9 on goal. and i would bet 6 or 7 of those required excellent saves.

howard once again proves the haters wrong, but it would be nice to see the US not have to rely on him. Bradley's goal was SICK. good work by Boyd to head it down to Mix Dix who hit it well and got a deflection. was probably going in either way though given how hard he it.

in the end, the US played a decent game. started off AWFUL though and it easily could have been a slaughtering. but decent possession, lots of shots. CB continues to be an issue, Goodson is terrible. and we have got to put our shots on frame. only THREE shots on goal out of 10. that must improve.

If there's one area where the United States continues to impress under Jurgen Klinsmann, it's against European opponents. The U.S. has lost only twice against teams from the old continent since Klinsmann took over for Bob Bradley in July 2011. But after those road defeats to Belguim and France in 2011, the U.S. has defeated Slovenia, Italy and Scotland and drew against Russia in 2012. The key is translating those results into consistent performances against team's from the U.S.'s region, CONCACAF.

-Alex Labidou, USA deputy editor

Guardado and Vela win awards in Spain

User: Cesar Q

Good work guys. Keep making us proud!

I'm glad to be living in an age where Mexicans futboleros are aspiring to be more than average or dare I say, mediocre. More Mexicans than ever before are going to Europe and while some unfortunately fail the ones that do make always get some type of official award from their respective clubs or leagues or even country such as Hector Morenos knighthood from the Queen of Holland. The Mexican mentality is changing rapidly; you have to love or respect that they don't go for the paycheck or even the fame but for the experience.

Sorry for the rant y que viva la raza!!

There's definitely been quite a turnaround in the mentality for players nowadays. In years past, you would have guys like Jesus Arellano and Ramon Ramirez say things about how it wasn't a priority or a necessity to play abroad. Now, Mexico's recent success at the international level is very much tied up with the fact that they're starting to export players en masse. While you'll get a few guys like Efrain Juarez and Pablo Barrera who don't work out every now and then, I think we're at a point where Mexican talent is beginning to be sought after the way other Latin American players are. It's a heck of a time for Mexican players abroad, and fans of El Tri and CONCACAF in general are lucky to be living through it, no doubt.

- Eric Gomez, Mexico chief editor

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