Dribbling, the Messi way

Keeping possession of the ball starts with composure.
Dribbling, one of the game’s most artistic techniques, can best be described in two words: Lionel Messi.

The Argentinian native looks like he was born with the ball at his feet, constantly making defenses look foolish. It's his manipulation of both the ball and the competition that gives him the edge, but his success on the pitch is not luck.

Messi's ability to pick a part defenders is a testament to his personality, as it requires a great deal of both composure and awareness. His calm and collected first touch helps the ball drop right to his feet, allowing him to immediately get his head up, see the field and take defenders on at full speed. Messi doesn't neglect any part of his feet either. He is confident with the inside, outside, toe and heal, giving him an edge regardless of body position.

Check out the video as former English Premier League player, Warren Barton,  provides tips and advice on the art and technique of dribbling.

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