Clint Dempsey: London has changed my fashion style

The midfielder admits that he isn't the best dresser on Tottenham or the U.S. national team but he has been able to design his ideal watch.
This Texan isn't wearing boots and cowboys hats. Instead, Clint Dempsey is all about "a nice polo with some jeans and some fresh kicks" as he walks around his adopted city of London. caught up with the U.S. international and Tottenham midfielder to discuss his fashion style, his new signature timepiece and the possibility of seeing his face on billboards. Coming from Texas, has your clothing style changed since moving to London?

Clint Dempsey: Yeah, my style has changed a bit since coming to London. Now it’s a bit more form fitting than before. When I was growing up in Texas I liked my clothes a little bit more baggy.

Would you consider yourself one of the best dressers on Tottenham and the USA team?

I wouldn’t say that! There are a lot of guys on the team who have their own style.  I like to keep it pretty simple, a nice polo with some jeans and some fresh kicks.

How much did you help with coming up with the design of your Jorg Gray watch? What influenced your design? 

What I loved so much about working with Jorg Gray is they truly listened to me when I was explaining what I wanted out of my watch. I’m not only a soccer player, I’m an avid fisherman so I wanted a timepiece that I could wear on and off land, and then pair it with a suit at the end of the day. I wanted it to be an all-black watch, with a rubber strap on it to give it a mean look while still looking nice. I just wanted to make sure that it was very versatile. It’s my dream watch.

Now that you're designing watches, do you see yourself posing on billboards in big U.S. cities like David Beckham?

If it happens, it happens. It’s not something I dream about really but I do enjoy being in a position to endorse brands that I truly like. My dream as a kid was just to play soccer and the rest is just icing on the cake. 

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