Boost Mobile Hot Topics: Mexico clubs brace for talent exodus, Landon Donovan still enjoys playing and do CONCACAF teams fear Mexico?

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Over the past week, the Hot Topics included talk of Mexicans moving overseas, Landon Donovan retirement plans and the thought that CONCACAF teams may be out-thinking themselves when playing against El Tri.

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Eric Gomez: Liga MX's top teams bracing for talent exodus to Europe

User: Jeff

Excellent article, Eric. I would include another point in your article which is to focus on the talent coming up the pipeline behind the players that you've mentioned, particularly those who are currently the u17's and u19's. Many of these younger players are best served by playing in the Mexican league until their 19th, 20th or 21st birthday, as many Argentine players do. They then can make their jump after good showings at a u20 WC, Olympic games, or other tournaments that highlight this age bracket. If the clubs and Federation play their cards right, the Liga MX can achieve that highly sought after mix of emerging talent and established stars (mid-career and veterans). This means pushing the required playing minutes of young players up a bit, continuing the positive trend of youth development and highlighting the clubs who are themselves upholding that blend of youth and established talent. This strategy should dampen the effects of players going abroad since the Liga MX is a competitive league and offers good salaries. This is a positive since Mexican players who decide to stay or end up returning to finish their careers can add to the quality of the league. Also, foreign players who seek a good platform to jump to Europe or who are returning and can be mentors or examples for younger players. Having a few Hugo Rodallega's or Jackson Martinez's is a good thing, as long as clubs don't only favor foreign talent to plug holes in their player development pipelines.

The Liga MX tried imposing youth on clubs in the past. In recent years, a rule was put into place that stipulated that teams had to have a minimum number of total minutes every tournament for players under 21 years old. It had mixed results. I rather like the current strategy. U-20 and U-17 feeder clubs for each team have their own league, and since they travel with the senior club, managers often have a chance to scout those players for potential stars within the ranks. The best thing that's happened now is that teams that were usually not hotbeds for youth development, like Tigres or Santos Laguna for instance, are now developing players left and right. Similarly, Jeff - I think you're spot on in saying that the ideal blend is a league with tons of young starlets and older stars, preferably from South America, or players coming back from long spells in Europe.

- Eric Gomez

Landon Donovan: I still enjoy playing soccer

User: Jeremy Dincher

It's pretty clear to me that Donovan is frustrated in the MLS. It has been clear during both of his stints at Everton that his game was elevated, he was motivated to train and play hard, and enjoyed competing against players of his class. Landon has done more than his tour of duty when it comes to elevating the MLS. It no longer needs him. Now it needs to let him go in the January transfer window to Everton. I believe it will revive his career and love for the game and have him playing at his highest possible level in brazil 2014. first quoted Donovan saying he's considering retiring after the 2013 season back in August and the Galaxy star repeated his statements in an interview with ESPN last month, but I'd have to agree with Jeremy. I think a change of scenery would be nice for Donovan to rejuvenate his career ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He was solid for the Toffees on loan last season and proved to the world that he's still one of America's top players despite approaching 30 at the time.

-Mike Slane

Brent Latham: Teams are out-thinking themselves against Mexican sides

User: C

To Brent and ALL, why don't give credit where credit is do? Why not agree that Mexico has increased its level of play, got great results, and moving forward is not only a goal but a priority? Other teams in or league can bring their best, but the fact is that it ain't good enough. Canadian, Americans, and others are not scared of facing Mexico. They just simply know that they can't compete against EL TRI. Sure, they will give their best because their fans and country demanded, but reality is reality. Mexico is breaking barriers. They want this level of play permanent and hunger for more. And if you are in their way, then expect a challenge and/or a beat down. Now that is the truth, Brent. In the words of Rakem and Eric B, "Follow the Leader".

The point here is that Mexico, on top of being the form team in the region, currently enjoys an even greater psychological advantage than it has historically, due to the recent international exploits. The article is also clearly praising El Tri. I, for one, question some El Tri fans' need for a constant supply articles solely highlighting the total submission of regional foes to Mexico's superiority. It seems there's a certain faction that automatically shouts down any type of other attempt at analysis, no matter how grounded or reasonable. Not sure where that comes from, but with such an excellent team, wouldn't it make more sense to focus on bigger goals?

-Brent Latham

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