Basketball star Dwyane Wade admits soccer is the 'No. 1 sport' in the world

While basketball is becoming more of a global game, the two-time NBA champion acknowledges that soccer is still the world's top choice.
Basketball star Dwyane Wade believes soccer is the "No. 1 sport in the world."

Speaking to CNN, the eight-time NBA All-Star and USA basketball guard said he became interested in soccer after his son started playing the sport.

"I'm trying to get into it," the Miami Heat player told the news network. "My youngest son Zion is playing soccer now, so I've got to learn the sport.

"So this season I'm really diving into soccer, learning the rules of the game. With Zion, and also my lady, they both love soccer, so I got to get into it."

Despite his Miami teammate LeBron James owning a small stake of Liverpool FC, Wade is still searching for a club to follow. First, he needs to experience the atmosphere at a professional match.

"I need to learn about it first, but I do want to go to a game," he explained to CNN. "I want to feel the crowd and the energy -- it's the reason that soccer is the No. 1 sport in the world."

Basketball players Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have also admitted their love for soccer. In fact, Nash, who owns a piece of the Vancouver Whitecaps, credits the sport for his unique passing ability in the NBA.

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