Chelsea players in awe of Yankee Stadium

Stars of the Premier League team appreciated the atmosphere at the home of one of Major League Baseball's most storied franchises.
NEW YORK -- Upon learning that he would be playing at Yankee Stadium, Chelsea FC goalkeeper Petr Cech called some of his friends to share his excitement.

Who says that traditions don't carry worldwide?

"Everyone that I told that I was going to play at Yankee Stadium was so excited. They know about the history that this club has with Major League Baseball," Cech told "You could feel that the atmosphere at the ground was just there."


Chelsea played Paris Saint-Germain to a 1-1 preseason draw in front of 38,202 boisterous fans, most of whom were there to see the Blues. It was the first soccer match at the new Yankee Stadium, which opened in 2009, costing the team over $1 billion to build. 

The Yankees have won 27 titles in their 109-year history, a fact that isn't lost on Chelsea's players.

"Fantastic experience," said Frank Lampard. " I've never been here before but I've heard a lot about it and it lived up to my expectations."
Grass covered the dirt around the baseball field's diamond, and the field, for the most part, held up well during the exhibition match. Chelsea defender Gary Cahill was very impressed with the stadium and admitted at some point he'd like to watch the star-studded Yankees as a fan.

"I thought it was amazing. I would love to come and watch a game here for sure," Cahill told "It was quite a experience being a part of history, playing the first soccer match here."