MLS Special: Portland-RSL explained through Twitter

It was Real Salt Lake's first loss of the season. Read how the match went down through the people who detailed it on Twitter.
As technology moves forward, more and more people are getting their information from Twitter. Fortunately, a quick review of tweets Saturday told the entire story of Portland's 1-0 victory over Real Salt Lake.

The match started with Portland dominating the match. Desert News reporter James Edward tweeted out:

"#RSL does not look sharp right now at all. Nobody can maintain possession.”

Edward followed it up with:

“Not sure how it looks on TV, but here in the stadium #RSL appears to be a step slow to everything. Portland is winning 1st and 2nd balls.”

Salt Lake's inability to control possession and lethargic play left them lucky to escape the first half down only 1-0. Utah radio personality Spencer Checketts summed up the first half best:

“I realize we're all a bit spoiled, but I don't recognize this soccer team tonight.” writer Jeremy Horton chimed in and noted Salt Lake's heart-breaking Wednesday loss in the CONCACAF Champions League final:

“Halftime 1-0. If you were wondering how RSL would respond to the CCL game, I'd say not well so far.”

However, things began to turn in the second half as Salt Lake started to maintain possession. Still the side was unable to develop many opportunities. Real Salt Lake's press department tweeted out:

“Game seems to be 'dirtying up' a little bit, if you will ... lot of play in the middle of the field and not a lot doing in the chance dept.”

As the match wore on, Portland packed defenders into the box and tried to keep the 1-0 victory. One Real Salt Lake fan tweeted:

“It's good to know we are such a threat that Portland needs to put 10 guys in the box.”

Salt Lake was unable to connect on any of their late opportunities and were eventually felled by the Timbers. Late in the match, one fan tweeted:

"#RSL not capitalizing on set pieces like usually do.”

Fans tried to make sense of the match, often tweeting out brief takeaways. One said:

"#Timbers just gave the rest of #MLS some hope by showing that#RSL is beatable”

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