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The sport is slowly rising in popularity, but still lags heavily behind the big hitters.

According to the Sports Business Journal, soccer ranks as the seventh most popular sport among U.S. fans of at least one sport. Using data taken from a Harris Poll, the report shows that 4% selected men's soccer as their favorite sport in 2010, a one percent increase from 1985.

That number is dwarfed by the 31% who picked professional American football and even the 17% who prefer baseball (a 6% drop since 1985). In fact, men's soccer barely makes it higher than the 3% who weren't sure which sport was their favorite.

Here is the 2010 data:

Pro football: 31%
Baseball: 17%
College football: 12%
Auto racing: 7%
Men's pro basketball: 6%
Hockey: 5%
Men's soccer: 4%
Men's college basketball: 4%
Not sure: 3%
Men's golf: 2%
Track & field: 2%
Bowling: 2%
Men's tennis: 2%
Boxing: 1%
Horse racing: 1%
Women's tennis: 1%
Swimming: 1%

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