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Jimmy Conrad answered all the questions you could hope to know about him in's Quick Kicks feature.

Nickname: "Jimmy's kind of my nickname. My formal name is James. I get Jimmy James sometimes."

Club Supported: Newcastle. "I try not to admit that too much because they are struggling but I was a big Alan Sherer fan back in the day. I have a couple jerseys and I have something signed by Michael Owen. I'm still a fan."

Strengths: "I’m pretty good in the air. I read the game pretty well. I try to put out fires before they start. I guess that would be a strength."

Weaknesses: "You could always be better and if you think you have it all figured out, that's a weakness in itself. I wish my left foot was a little bit better. I wish I was faster. I wish I was younger."

Soccer Heroes: "A lot of my coaches along the way. I had a coach, Ron Evans, when I was a kid who's still a friend of mine. He was instrumental in teaching me the passion of the game and to appreciate the subtleties that make the sport what it is. I had a good high school coach who played for the Bermuda national team, Dan Robinson. Awesome guy. This was another guy who loved to play. He loved to coach, but he loved to play. He'd get such a kick out of doing rainbows over us. I really have a lot of admiration for [former Kansas City Wizards coach] Bob Gansler. He coached me for a couple years and I don't know if I really fully appreciated him until he was not coaching me anymore. He definitely has a distinct style and I learned a lot from him, mainly about getting thicker skin. It wasn't about soccer as much as it was about life's little challenges and how you deal with them. He's a soccer hero of mine for sure."

Career Highlight: Making the 2006 World Cup roster and playing in the tournament, scoring a goal against Mexico, winning the MLS Cup and Open Cup, rolling four yahtzees in a row.

Views on MLS: "We're evolving for sure on a number of fronts. I guess we could argue that some of them are even a little bit too fast for the growth of the league, but that's just part of the growing pains. I think there are so many components to having a successful league that I hope there's a master plan that ties everything together. I know it's not going to happen overnight. I know we can't just flip a switch and everything is going to be where we want it to be, but I want to make sure that we're putting things in place so we have a viable, thriving league. I don't feel like we need to take a step back in anything these days. I feel like I've come in at a time when there is some transition and when I do ease out of my cleats and into the front office of wherever I might go that I can still help the game become bigger and stronger in this country." (Lots more in his ESPN columns: here AND here)

Tunes on the iPod: In heavy rotation now -- The National, The xx, and We Were Promised Jetpacks ("One of the cooler names of a band I've ever heard."), Kei$ha.

Dream Car: "I own it. I have a '61 Ford Falcon that I got restored. Some would consider that this is a grandma car and I couldn't argue. It does look kind of grandma-ish, but it's pretty cool. It's Ford white, and white and black interior with all the original stuff inside. I wipe it with a diaper and I look at it a lot. I drive it every once in a while."

Favorite Movies: "The Big Lebowski," "Rushmore." "I'm a big Wes Anderson fan. I really like 'The Life Aquatic.' I think I'm the only one I know who likes 'The Life Aquatic.' I have a lot of respect for how he shoots stuff."

Something We Don't Know About You: "I watch a lot of 'Sleeping Beauty' right now. I know all the words to a lot of the Disney songs because my little girl's going to be three pretty soon."

In Five Years: "I plan on maybe coaching. I want to dress like Pep Guardiola and call myself 'The Most Special One.'"

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