Altidore Surprised By Rumors Of Move To Levante

Unsettled and unused Xerez forward Jozy Altidore reacted to the news of a possible jump to another Segundo Division team.
Last weekend, reports out of Spain suggested that US international striker Jozy Altidore was on the move again. While under contract with Villarreal, he is currently on loan to Segundo Division leaders Xerez.

But, having not received any playing time with the Andalusian club, Altidore is now linked to another loan move to mid-table Segundo Division side Levante. Xerez have reportedly asked the Spanish federation for special permission to move the player, despite being outside the transfer window. On Thursday, Altidore spoke about the situation.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard anything like that," he told The New York Times website. "I don’t know about going anywhere else. This is the first I’ve heard.”

Villarreal are disappointed that Altidore, who made four appearances for the Yellow Submarine last fall, is not getting any playing time.

“I wouldn’t doubt that Villarreal is disappointed,” the former New York Red Bull said. “They sent a player who they think can help them in the future to get minutes and I’m not getting minutes. It’s natural to think about what’s going on."

But despite his lack of action, the 19-year-old believes he is making strides with Xerez.

"I’m trying to get better everyday on the field," he said. "Every day at Xerez the manager and the trainer tell me I’m doing well and I’m improving. It’s all positive, at least it seems to be.”