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Carlos Bocanegra tries to downplay a dust-up between the two sides outside the locker rooms after the U.S.-Mexico game.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- After the U.S.'s 2-0 victory over Mexico in World Cup qualifying on Wednesday, American rightback Frankie Hejduk was involved in a scuffle with certain members of the Mexican squad, including Guillermo Franco and assistant coach Paco Ramirez.

Univision's cameras captured Ramirez striking Hejduk with a slap. The defender retaliated with a shove of the coach and Franco followed that up with a push of his own on Hejduk. Security personnel and Hejduk continuing to move to the locker rooms prevented further incident.

After the game, U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra talked about the fracas. "It's a silly way to end the night," he said. has video of  Bocanegra's remarks.