Father Wants Subotic To Play For Serbia

Zeljko Subotic has stated he would get much satisfaction from seeing his highly-touted son Neven play for Serbia.
The cloud surrounding the future of defender Neven Subotic continues to grow as he comes close to deciding his international future. Eligible to play for five teams, the US, Germany, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Subotic hasn’t made a clear indication of where he wants to play up to this point.

His father however, has made it clear what shirt he wants his 19-year-old son to wear at the international level.

"My heart tells me that Neven should decide on Serbia,” said Zeljko Subotic of where his son should play. “For me, I would get much satisfaction out of seeing him playing in a Serbian jersey.”

Being that Subotic lived in the states through his teen years, he was eligible to play for the US national team, and he has done so, but only at the youth level. Being that he wasn’t capped by the US Men’s team, he is still allowed to choose where he wants to play as an adult.

The highly-touted teenager isn’t the first player the US Men’s National Team has had on the fence about what nation he wants to play for. Clifton, New Jersey native Giuseppe Rossi opted to play for the Italian team given his parents were both Italian natives. Similar to Rossi, Edgar Castillo, formally of Las Cruces, New Mexico, decided playing for the Mexican national team was the way to go, and the US lost out on another exciting young talent.

It remains to be seen whether the US will get burned again by players choosing to play for another nation as it’s clear that Rossi and Castillo would have been valuable pieces in the puzzle for the national team as it stands now.

Recently, they have won a player over, 20-year-old Jose Torres, who plays his club football in Mexico and could have played for El Tri, but decided the USMNT was the best option.

Being that he is only 19, Subotic still has roughly two years to decide on what team he’ll represent, being that the rules state he must choose before his 21st birthday, and with his father openly promoting Serbia it will be interesting to see which country he choose and if the US will miss out again.

-- Shane Evans, Goal.com