Chivas Players Still Confident Despite Copa Libertadores Setback

Chivas lost to Internacional 2-1 but players believe in their ability to come away with a result from Brazil.

Internacional beat Chivas 2-1 in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores final on Wednesday night at the Omnilife stadium, but despite the loss Chivas players believe they can recover when they travel to Brazil next Wednesday for the second leg of the series.

“We can’t be happy with the result,” said Marco Fabian to the media after the match.  “It’s not what we were looking for, but we’re not dead. At this point we can turn any score around and we have the confidence to go to Brazil and win.”

Chivas faced a similar situation for the second leg of the semifinal against the Universidad de Chile, and Fabian says Chivas can overcome the deficit once again.

“We’re calm, our confidence doesn’t wane. We’re a little disillusioned because of the disadvantage, but our confidence is at a maximum. We went to Chile with a disadvantage and we got the result. Now we’re a goal of equalizing and we’re going with all the confidence to do that,” added Fabian.

The players were hoping to take advantage of the home fans, but now they will have to get the desired result at the Beira-Rio. 

“We should have won and taken advantage of our people at home. That’s how football is. We had a good team in front and we’re going with faith of leaving everything on the pitch to get the result.”

Chivas had taken the advantage at the end of the first half, but gave it up in the 72nd minute. Inter then sealed their win four minutes later with a second goal.

“During the first half we were ordered. At the end the team was a bit of a mess and we’re going to try and see our errors to concentrate and achieve a result,” Fabian said.

Omar Bravo also called the team to remain optimistic for the second leg against the Brazilian team so Chivas can bring the Copa Libertadores trophy to Mexico for the first time. 

“We didn’t play the best game, but we have to remain calm and go with optimism.
We can’t be pessimists, we have to be optimists. It’s clear that this wasn’t one of the best games and we have to turn it around if we want to be champions.”

“We can’t give up. There are 90 minutes left and the team has the players to adapt to any situation, in this case as visitors. We have to play the perfect game over there and bring back the trophy,” said Bravo.

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