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The former Fulham defender's routine of presenting teammates with cakes before matches stars in the latest of our series chronicling the extraordinary power of belief.

Former Fulham right back and all-around nice guy Moritz Volz, now playing for 1860 Munich in the 2. Bundesliga, is notoriously eccentric.

He once dressed as his hero, the "Baywatch"-era David Hasselhoff, for a FourFourTwo photo shoot and was often spotted pedaling a fold-up bike around West London and drove a battered VW Golf.

He employed a friend as a "goal celebration coach" despite rarely scoring, and his website features a barmy German phrase book called “where can I get my mullet highlighted?”

Little surprise then, that his superstitions are a little off the beaten path, too. An enthusiastic baker, on the day before a match he often creates dishes in the theme of his side’s next opponent.

"When we played the big clubs like Arsenal or Manchester United, I made a biscuit-based cake with bananas and a dusting of green tea,” he said while still playing in England. “If we were playing against more rugged teams like Blackburn Rovers, I would made something a lot heavier, like carrot cake with nuts.”

The tradition has persevered in the 2. Bundesliga, too. “Freiburg play nice football, but grain is more appropriate for physical opponents like Cologne,” he said. “Freiburg is next to Alsace, so the answer is a sweet quiche with cherries. And when we play Hamburg, it’s a citywide festival, so I douse the cake in sugar.”

Quite how this brings good luck is unsure, but we’re definitely not refusing a slice, Mr. Volz.

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