Nike Soccer: The Chance: Get Noticed

Nike is searching for the next wave of hungry young footballers. An army of Nike scouts is coming to 50 countries to find 100 potential champs.

Nike is on the hunt in over 50 countries to find 100 of the world’s most elite, undiscovered soccer players to battle it out at a Global Final Camp in Barcelona. From there, 16 winners will earn their place on the ultimate pro experience, facing some of the world’s best clubs at their iconic football venues.

Over the next three months, Nike will be scouting the United States for the players with the talent and hunger to succeed.

To get noticed, it’s simple.  Create your Team Page within The Chance App on Facebook. Get your teammates to join.  Upload videos and photos of your team in action to your Chance team pages and demand the spotlight.  Recruit fans, build support and create the noise that will make you stand out. It’s time to put your game on display. Make Nike and our team of scouts come to you. Because we will.

Think you’ve got the talent and hunger to train like an elite athlete? Prove your skills, show your side in action and get people talking about your game. Getting noticed starts here.

Stand up, Stand out. The Chance has arrived in the United States.

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