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Puebla coach Jose Luis "Chelis" Sanchez Sola threatened to leave Puebla for the same reasons he threatened to leave the club at the end of last season.

Puebla head coach Jose Luis “Chelis” Sanchez Sola has once again threatened to leave the Camoteros after having a few disagreements with the club’s co-owner, Francisco “Paco” Bernat.

“The directors have not paid me anything, in regards to last season; I want them to pay me what they owe me, that is one of my reasons for leaving,” Chelis told Mexican newspaper Record. “My second reason is that I asked that before the draft begins 80 percent of the squad would have a signed contract and as of this day there are no players with signed contracts. Many of the players have verbal agreements and with letters of intent but none have a signed contract that signals them as Puebla players."

The lack of newcomers has also led to the manager's unrest.

“The third reason; there has been no reinforcements yet, Jared Borgetti has only agreed verbally but he has yet to sign and like that we have nine more. And last, I want the directors to pay me in advance my wages for next season. It has been really stressful dealing with the club on a monthly basis, I need my tranquility,” demanded the Puebla boss. “I do not care if the draft is around the corner, I will not show up to the teams training sessions until my four demands are met, I can not continue this way."

Puebla reached the semifinals of the Clausura 2009 season, but the club's playoff run was marred by accusations of non-payment. Sanchez Sola even went so far as to advise his players to leave the team. Two of the team's stars did just that, as Ramon Nuñez went to Cruz Azul and Duilio Davino to Monterrey.

Sanchez Sola, though, is still around and said he's been met with the same type of resistance.

"I presented these four petitions to the directors over three weeks ago and they have fulfilled any of them. Truth be told, nothing is happening. I want to have support or not have it, but I have to be told things upfront. As of now I am not traveling to Cancun for the draft, I will remain in Puebla until they resolve some of my demands,” continued Chelis.

Despite not wanting to take part in the Mexican league players draft Chelis still complained about Bernat’s choice of acquisitions.

“I am the administrator of this club, the people will demand results from me. Last June Paco signed Fabiano Pereira and Alvaro Fernandez; they are not bad players but they do not fit in a squad like Puebla and now Paco for this draft wants to bring Federico Insua who is not a player that I need. I asked the directors for ten players, six nationals and four foreigners. Jared Borgetti, Joaquin Velasquez, Gilberto Mora, Joaquin Reyes, Carlos Infante, and Chuy Mendoza and the four foreigners; Nicolas Olivera, the Angolan striker Antonio Mendonca, Fernando Saritama and a Paraguayan that plays down the left, Nicolas Martinez who is playing in Olimpia of Paraguay,” revealed Chelis. 

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