Hugo Sanchez: Good win, but problems in Mexican soccer still remain

The Mexico legend is hardly satisfied with El Tri's near-qualification for Brazil, and instead wants an inquest into how the team fell into the playoff in the first place.

Mexico legend Hugo Sanchez declared himself pleased that El Tri’s 5-1 victory over New Zealand on Wednesday means the team is on the cusp of Brazil 2014, but urged fans not to exaggerate the achievement.

“Don’t forget that we still haven’t won the World Cup, we’ve only earned one more participation (in an event) that our history demands we are in,” Sanchez wrote in his column for El Universal on Thursday.

“To be really content we should’ve finished in first place in our zone, or at least in second,” he added.

The Real Madrid legend once again attacked those in charge of Mexican soccer, suggesting that even if El Tri books its ticket to the World Cup in Wellington next Wednesday, there should be an inquest into what went wrong in CONCACAF qualifying.

Sanchez wrote that Liga MX owners and the bosses of Mexico’s federation should be made to “tremble.”

“The only thing they have done is make an entire country suffer due to their bad decisions and management in putting qualification at risk,” opined Sanchez.

The 55-year-old made a point of praising the players and the coaching staff, adding that the people who were most concerned about not qualifying were those in charge of the Mexican game.

“Those that were most worried were the majority, if not all, the owners, and the bosses of Mexican soccer in general, some for the amount of money that they were going to lose (or not earn) together with the Femexfut,” wrote Sanchez.