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Rio de Janeiro government hits back as judge suspends Brazil vs England friendly

A court decision has ruled that the Maracana stadium is unsuitable to hold the game on Sunday, only for the state government to insist pre-match requirements have been met

England's friendly with Brazil has been suspended following safety fears at the newly refurbished Maracana stadium.

A court decision has ruled that the Sunday clash is unable to go ahead after fears grew that the iconic venue will not be able to handle the magnitude of the game. A military police report suggested there were rocks, debris, loose tiles, and other construction materials still in the stadium, and that hygienic conditions weren't up to standard.

"At this moment we have no news that the restrictions were amended to a level of safety that would be expected at this stage," Judge Adriana Costa dos Santos said in a statement.

"Therefore, due to the laziness of the people responsible, in this case, the defendants, we cannot allow the stadium to be re-inaugurated without proof that it is safe and hygienic."

However, reports in Brazil suggest that the CBF will fight the decision, claiming they have the relevant safety papers to ensure the game goes ahead as planned.

A number of reports required for the stadium to get the go ahead to hold events were reportedly missing, but the Rio de Janeiro state government released a statement soon after to confirm that all pre-match paperwork had been received by the CBF.

A statement read: "All the safety requirements for the friendly match between Brazil and England have been met and, due to a bureaucratic misunderstanding, the police report that assures that all the safety rules have been fulfilled was not delivered to SUDERJ [a public organization that administrates the stadium]."