Kaka blames the field for Neymar's penalty miss

Both Kaka and the Colombian goalkeeper thought the poor state of the turf played into Neymar's penalty miss.
Blame the field. That's the general consensus for Neymar's disaster of a penalty attempt in the 1-1 draw between Brazil and Colombia on Wednesday.

Neymar scored the equalizer in the international friendly before stepping up to take a penalty. He skied his effort well over the bar and into the stands of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Kaka blamed the poor pitch.

"Yes, the field was difficult, because the grass separated with ease," Kaka said. "You saw that during the penalty kick. It wasn't a perfect field, but I don't want to complain about it."

David Ospina was the goalkeeper who stared down Neymar. He thanked his luck that the Santos striker spared him after he dived the wrong way.

"The pitch was difficult," Ospina said. "The ball bounced differently and the grass itself separated form the surface with ease. But it was like that for both teams.

"For the penalty kick I had already selected a side, but he kicked really high. I think the grass played a role in it."

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