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Seven French clubs have appealed Monaco's recent deal with the LFP, with FFF chief Noel Le Graet also questioning the arrangement's legitimacy.

Paris Saint-Germain is among seven French clubs to have launched legal action against Monaco over the tax benefits it has received compared to other domestic sides.

Les Rouge et Blanc have attracted a host of big-name stars to the club, partly thanks to the allure of generous tax legislation on the principality compared to mainland France, which has a significantly higher income tax rate of 75 percent.

Its promotion back into Ligue 1 in 2013 triggered a dispute with LFP, which runs the professional soccer leagues in France, over its headquarters being located on the island and not the mainland, allowing it to continue receiving tax advantages.

Monaco appeased the LFP in January by giving the organization 50 million euros in a deal the club claimed "demonstrated their commitment to French football."

However, seven French clubs — PSG, Bordeaux, Olympique de Marseille, Montpellier, Lille, Lorient and Caen — have branded the deal "rushed and non-transparent," insisting they will take it to court as it did not "respect basic legal principles."

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Indeed, the 50 million euro lump sum paid into the LFP's pockets arguably does not outweigh the exponential benefits in having extra cash to attract star players and coaches to Monaco, which looks set to remain in the tax haven.

This is a view held by the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noel Le Graet, who questioned the legitimacy of the Stade Louis II side's deal and thinks that another approach to dealing with their tax advantage is needed.

"Taxation is too good to Monaco," the FFF chief told L'Equipe. "This [50 million euros] does not remove the qualities or the benefits they have, so there is a real difficulty. The situation has changed a lot in 20 years, as previously Monaco were a formative club. There was not much difference between them and others.

"Excluding Monaco does not seem wise, but the [50 milllion euro] deal seems a bit lightweight. We need to get back around the table to discuss and find a solution. We will need a large majority of Ligue 1 clubs to accept an agreement with Monaco. Right now, this is not the case."