Bryce Alderson Blog: Portland supporters and furniture shopping

In his latest entry for, the Vancouver Whitecaps rookie recalls playing in front of a rabid Portland crowd, furniture shopping, and learning to drive standard.
It's been a little bit up and down for me since my last update.

I had strep throat for about a week, and of course that came right after I had returned from injury. I still managed to travel with the team to Portland last weekend, with the first team playing on the Saturday, and the reserve game on the Sunday.

Because I'm coming back from illness and injuries, I only played the last 20 minutes in the reserve game, but it was still positive. The experience there was unreal on both nights, because the crowds in Portland are so intense.

They got into it right from the start of the first team game, even during the anthems at the beginning. And it was the same for the reserve game, too. I think there were maybe five or ten thousand fans there on Sunday for the reserves, which means that most of the season tickets holders were at the stadium on both days.

I've played in front of close to 20,000 in the under-17 World Cup, so it wasn't the biggest crowd I've played in front of, but for a reserve game it was really impressive.

Off the field, I've just been preparing more and more for my big move.

As I mentioned before, I've been doing some furniture shopping, which has been a bit of a nightmare. My dad was out here a week or two ago, so we planned to check out some stuff at stores in the area. The apartment I'm moving into has a fridge, washer, dryer, and all that, but I didn't know that it had some furniture included. That information would have come in handy before we went to the store.

When we headed over to the furniture store, we figured we'd be done in about an hour, but the salesman helping us thought he was some sort of bed master or something. He took his job so seriously and told me that he was going to help me find the perfect bed.


He had me lay on at least 30 or 40 beds, and to me they're all the same, but he insisted that I try them all. It took two or three hours just to try out mattresses. I don't think there was a bed in the store that I didn't try. Double, single, queen, posturepedic, orthopedic, firm mattress, soft mattress... I tried them all!

After all of that, I finally settled on a bed, then a nightstand, a dresser, and so on. When we went to check out the apartment the next day, we found out that there was already a nightstand and a dresser! To top it all off, it's been a bit of a hassle trying to return the new stuff to the store, but I'm still looking forward to moving into the new place at the end of the week.


In addition to moving, I'm getting closer to my driving test, and a buddy of mine tried to teach me to drive standard, which didn't go well at all. I got hang of it a bit towards the end, but not before I likely did some damage to his car.

The hills here in Vancouver are impossible to deal with on a standard, I don't know how people do it.

Until next time.