Brek Shea Blog: Ask me some questions

In his latest entry for, the FC Dallas star and U.S. international asks fans for questions and talks about George John's return to MLS.
Hey everyone,

It's been an fun week since I started my campaign to get on ESPN's First Take. There were a lot of comments out there from fans on Twitter and I appreciate it. Even my teammates and opposing players were pushing for it. They want to see soccer get some love.  So once again, I'm waiting for that call. I'm ready to debate. Don't forget: #BrekonFirstTake on twitter.

On the FC Dallas front, we haven't gotten to the start that we've wanted to but we still have time to change. You can't make excuses for the five losses we have but once our roster fully adjusts, I think we will be much better. There were guys who weren't able to play much in training camp, including myself, and you are starting to see an improvement out there on the field.

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An important player for us who is starting to work his way back is George John.  George is one of our best defenders and he went on trial with West Ham United. When he came back, it took some time to adjust but he enjoyed his time there and has no regrets. Normally, we might even prank a guy after a spell like that but not George. He's way too nice of a guy.

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This week, I'm keeping this blog post pretty simple to get another session of #AskBrek going. Feel free to leave comments in the box below and on Twitter and next Friday I will answer your questions.  Don't be shy.