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In his latest blog for, the FC Dallas star and U.S. international discusses transfer rumors and announces the winner of this week's giveaway contest.

Hey everyone,

The summertime is near and transfer rumors are beginning to pick up. But I try to keep that stuff out of my mind. All I really focus on is trying to get my team points and get back on the national team.

I've been dealing with rumors since I got into the sport, but not on the scale of the rumors that I hear about nowadays. Nothing seems to ever come from the rumors, so I don't focus on them much. Anyone could make up anything. Until I come to the stadium one day and they tell me I'm playing for someone else, I'm not going to worry about it. I understand it's a part of the business.

Besides, I have bigger things to think about right now. I'm hoping I can be a part of the World Cup Qualifiers this summer with the U.S. team. I've always been included in friendlies but I've heard from teammates that fighting for a World Cup spot is where things can get elevated.

I really enjoy my time with the U.S. squad on and off the field. Some people wonder about how we interact with the guys who come from Germany or Latin America. I think everyone kind of mingles with each other. It's a mixed group but everyone speaks English so we all interact well.

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And then there's the current MLS season with FC Dallas. A lot of people hype up matches against the Los Angeles Galaxy. It's just another game for me. Sure, it's in the back of my mind that they won last year and you want to show what you can do against the champs, but the most important thing is three points.

The Galaxy have gotten off to a slow start. I don't think things have been going their way this season. I think losing Omar Gonzalez on defense was a big deal for them. He was the core of their defense and he stopped pretty much everything that came at him. He's good in every aspect. He's big but he's still mobile, he wins everything in the air. He's just a presence.

It sucks to see a player like Omar go down. It's definitely a point that our team looks at when we play Los Angeles, that he isn't there and that we need to take advantage of that. You do that whenever a good player is out for another team.

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With the MLS season underway, I was thinking about guys who are really underrated. A player who doesn't get enough hype is Alonso for Seattle. I think he's one of the best players in the league.

He kills plays in the midfield, so it's one of those things that people don't really highlight. I think he does his job well, he's a great player who can be a threat on offense as well.  When I watch him play, he does so many things that people don't notice. I don't think the Sounders would be as good as they are without him.

Finally, I am disappointed Real Madrid didn't make the Champions League final but I'm happy to see Chelsea in the final. Some people are saying that fans are disappointed that there isn't an El Clasico final but I think there's a lot of people who were tired of Barcelona winning everything.

And the winner is...

This week the team and I ran a caption contest to win a pair of my autographed game-worn cleats. Readers submitted their caption of the photo at the top of this blog on Twitter using the hashtag #brekgiveaway. There were some great submissions but here's our favorite from @AzGalica...

Brek: omg dude theres a massive bug on the back of your head! Terrance quick hit it.... *mix checks out the hotties

Till next week,