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In his newest blog post, Brek Shea talks about the excitement of Olympics qualifying games and his experience dating.

Hey readers,

This is Brek Shea (@brekshea) blogging from Nashville, Tenn. We have some crucial matches ahead for the USA team and guys are anxious to get through these games. We want to make the opponents focus on us, not the other way around and we all want to make it out to London for the Olympics.

We entered qualifying prepared

As you could see in our 6-0 result against Cuba, we were very focused tactically. Caleb Porter is a very confident coach, he believes in his methods and the players buy into it. What's going to make us a good team is believing in what he wants to do and the way he wants to play.

In Caleb and Jurgen Klinsmann, I've been fortunate to have two great coaches and have learned so much from both of them. I would venture to say their styles are different but both have had such a great impact on my game but at the same time both are very different in their own ways.

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Personally, I like having freedom when I have the ball. To me, I like being free, I like playing on attack in a system that allows me to do that. But at the same time I realize the importance of having good positional sense. I like having that free roam on the left. Being able to just attack and go at guys when I want to. I want to go at guys one-on-one.

At FC Dallas, the system is built that way.

I have to focus on being aware of the tactics and our shape on the field that the coach wants to enforce but at the same time, though, I have freedom in the final third to move around. If I don't follow form, Schellas Hyndman could come after me. He does know karate!

Of course, if you haven't seen it already, search "Schellas Hyndman karate" in your search engine. Pretty funny stuff. I saw him doing the photo shoot for it. I kind of joked with him asking, "Is that a third degree black belt?" and he responded with, "No it's a 10th degree black belt."

If he came at me, I'd just run.

Dating Life

With all the traveling and competitions that I'm involved with, people are curious whether or not that leaves time for dating.

I tend to just focus on soccer. I don't really go out looking for dates. Obviously, when I have free time, I can do whatever I want, but free time is rare. You're always traveling and you try to not get distracted.

Plus over the past year, playing for the national team and FC Dallas, I'm spotted pretty regularly in the Dallas area. I like wearing hats and stuff to lay low. It's not bad, though. People are nice about it so it's pretty cool actually.

I think the hairstyles and being so tall, it makes me easy to spot.

Are there ever groupies that go to matches?

There's always people waiting to get autographs and pictures and I'm just going to leave it at: it's not that bad. Ha.

If you're in the Nashville or Kansas City area, come watch the U.S. under-23s play. Should be good games to watch.