Cartoon of the day: Ronaldo STILL waiting to hit fifth penalty cartoonist Omar Momani gives us his unique slant on the soccer news of the day, this time poking fun at Cristiano Ronaldo.
Cesc Fabregas narrowly put away the decisive penalty on Wednesday night to squeeze Spain into the Euro 2012 final at Portugal's expense - which left Cristiano Ronaldo unable to take what he had hoped would be a crucial fifth for his side.

After both Joao Moutinho and Bruno Alves failed to register, the Seleccao surrendered their place at the tournament despite matching the world and European champion for much of the game.

With some wondering if the three-goal star had been too selfish in hanging back to take the fifth spot-kick, Ronaldo was unable to claim his moment of heroism, and is still waiting for international glory as his side fly home.

Ronaldo still waiting for moment of glory