Blokhin hits out at officials and confronts journalist after England defeat

The former forward claims the ball went 50 centimeters over the line when Marko Devic went through on goal and John Terry cleared, before challenging a member of the media

Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin slammed the officiating during his team’s 1-0 defeat to England on Tuesday night, before confronting a journalist as tempers rose.

England took the lead through Wayne Rooney soon after halftime, thanks to some slack defending and goalkeeping, however the co-host thought they had equalized in the final 20 minutes, but the officials were not convinced.

New Shakhtar Donetsk signing Marko Devic darted inside the area and looped the ball over the goal line before John Terry acrobatically cleared before a definitive answer could be given, yet no goal was given.

Speaking to reporters after the match, an enraged Blokhin said: “The ball was 50 centimeters over the line.”

Blokhin soon said he did not want to criticize the officials, before questioning the decisions to not give yellow cards to Terry and Andy Carroll, as well as pondering why so many officials are needed when they can’t get decisions right, asking: “Why do we need these five referees?”

The former Soviet Union forward continued to show his frustration and began to turn on the media in attendance, effectively telling them he did not care what they write.

“Did you play the game?” he asked. “You don't like Blokhin? You can write what you want.”

Things got even more heated as the coach got up to leave to the room as a member of the press applauded him on his way out, with Blokhin seemingly thinking it was a sarcastic attempt to rile him.

Blokhin’s reaction was to ask the journalist to come outside with him for what he called a “man conversation”, to which the reporter duly declined, but not before rising from his chair.

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