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Nearly 200 people were arrested as rival supporters fought running battles in the streets of Warsaw during a march celebrating Russia's national day

Two Russia fans have been deported in connection with the violent clashes that overshadowed the country's Euro 2012 game against Poland.

The violence flared during a march celebrating Russia's national day on June 12, with close to 200 people ultimately detained by local police after running battles between rival supporters.

And it has now been confirmed that two guilty members of the riots have been deported from Poland.

"Two Russian Federation citizens have been ordered to leave Poland's territory. The banishment will take place today," Ivetta Bialy, a spokesperson for the Warsaw regional governor confirmed on Friday.

Punishments ranging from a 115 euros fine to five months in prison were handed out on Thursday to many of those arrested for the street violence.

UEFA moved quickly to condemn the violence, having already fined the Russian Football Union for the behavior of their supporters during their meeting with Czech Republic on June 8.