Dussault: Ben Arfa uses just 75 percent of his potential

The winger's old coach from the Clairefontaine academy praised his former pupil, but also conceded that he still has things to learn in order to become a complete footballer.

Hatem Ben Arfa's former coach at the famed Clairefointaine academy believes that the Newcastle man has not reached his true potential.

The 25-year-old has been an integral part of Laurent Blanc’s side during the friendlies in recent weeks and Claude Dussault thinks that his former pupil can become a well-rounded footballer if he puts his mind to it.

"Before arriving at Clairefontaine, Ben Arfa was already known throughout the Parisian football scene. He was making the headlines. He was younger than the others, he wasn’t the best, but he definitely had the technical qualities of a good left-footed player,” Dussault told RMC.

“He worked and analyzed his technique and his speed. He is one of the most talented players that has ever come out Clairefontaine. He is the [Nicolas] Anelka type."

Dussault also said the Newcastle winger can perform even better, having yet to fully reach his potential, as he still has to learn to put aside his adolescent whims and be a collective player.

“But he only uses 75 percent of his potential. He has just begun to understand football, which is also defensive and collective. At Clairefontaine, he could do more in tiring his opponent and recovering the ball, as he is starting to do now,” Dussault said.

“He is not a teenager anymore, even though he was for a long time."

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