Florida Cup: Atletico aiming to expand the club's brand with U.S. tournament

President Daniel Nepomuceno praises Galo fans' presence in Florida, and sees the club is in the right path to grow in the international market

ORLANDO -- Atletico fans' passion is big enough to overcome distance and boundaries, and Galo Doido's presence and impact on the Florida Cup's backstages last Friday in Orlando proved so. But that's just the first step, as president Daniel Nepomuceno wishes to use the club's participation in the tournament to expand Atletico's brand in the world market even further.

"Atletico is, nowadays, a valuable brand, as it receives numerous invitations to take part in friendly tournaments. Unfortunately, because of our tight schedule, we aren't allowed to always be present," Nepomuceno said.

"European clubs invested a lot in those the past decade, and are now being able to collect impressive financial results. I believe Atletico is in the right path."

Foto: (Bruno Cantini/Divulgação/Atlético)

"This is one of our pillars," he said, "to participate in a serious tournament as the Florida Cup, with the Disney standard."

Schalke 04 and Corinthians are the opponents

Atletico's staff and players will arrive in Fort Lauderdale next Monday, as the popular city located just outside Miami will serve as base for coach Diego Aguirre's team to follow up an intense preseason regime.


The first Florida Cup challenge will be against Germany's Schalke 04 on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. ET in Fort Lauderdale. The classic rivalry against Corinthians is then to take place next Sunday in Boca Raton.

And president Nepomuceno hopes the Massa (Galo's fans) will come in heavy numbers during the Cup to support their players.

"The Atletico fan follows [the team] and insists [in doing so], I'm sure we'll have a very nice presence", he said. "When such good squads are available, and there's promise of a good show, it's natural that this happens."