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The Prof. is in with his weekly update on College Soccer.

By J.R. Eskilson

Akron does it again. A hard fought win over UIC and they are still looking untouchable at the top of the rankings. There is so much talent on this roster that is hard to say any team could knock them off, but we are still weeks away from the tournament with plenty of games to play. Until then, enjoy some tasty match-ups this week- Cal at UCLA, Akron at Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest at N.C. State. Go out and see a game.’s Top 25:

Rankings thru Oct. 12th   

1.) Akron 11-0-0 (Next up:Virginia Tech, Oct. 13) Previous Rank:1   
2.) North Carolina 8-1-2 (Next up: Campbell, Oct. 13) PR:4   
3.) UCLA 6-1-2 (Next up: California, Oct. 16) PR: 3   
4.) Wake Forest 7-2-2 (Next up: College of Charleston, Oct. 13) PR:5  5.) California 8-3-0 (Next up: UCLA, Oct. 16) PR: 2   
6.) UCSB 9-2-1 (Next up: UC Davis, Oct. 14) PR: 9   
7.) Harvard 8-1-1 (Next up: Connecticut, Oct. 14) PR: 8  
8.) Maryland 7-3-1 (Next up:Georgetown, Oct. 13) PR: 6   
9.) South Florida 7-2-2 (Next up: FAU, Oct. 14) PR: 7  10.) Monmouth 11-0-1 (Next up: Bryant, Oct. 16) PR: 11   11.) Stanford 7-2-1 (Next up: San Diego State, Oct. 16) PR: 14   12.) Virginia 7-3-0 (Next up: Liberty, Oct. 13) PR: 17   
13.) Louisville 8-1-2 (Next up:Kentucky, Oct.
14) PR: 13 14.) Northwestern 6-1-4 (Next up: Western Illinois, Oct. 14) PR: 20   
15.) Georgetown 8-3-1 (Next up: Maryland, Oct. 13) PR: 21   
16.) Indiana 6-4-1 (Next up: Notre Dame, Oct. 14) PR: 15   
17.) Dartmouth 7-2-1 (Next up: Penn, Oct. 17) PR: Unranked   
18.) Connecticut 6-2-3 (Next up: Harvard, Oct. 14) PR: 16   
19.) North Carolina State 8-2-1 (Next up: Georgia Southern, Oct. 13) PR: UN   
20.) Ohio State 7-2-3 (Next up: UIC, Oct. 14) PR: 10   
21.) Duke 7-4-0 (Next up: UNC-Greensboro, Oct. 13) PR: 12   
22.) Notre Dame 7-4-1 (Next up: Indiana, Oct. 14) PR: UN   
23.) Brown 6-0-4 (Next up: Rutgers, Oct. 13) PR: 19   
24.) Portland 7-2-2 (Next up: San Francisco, Oct. 16) PR: 22
25.) George Mason 7-3-1 (Next up: Delaware, Oct. 14) PR: 18 

Team of the week:

Logan Potter, Stetson, 13 saves 5-1 win over Lipscomb Defender- Kofi Sarkodie, Akron, one goal, two assists vs UIC Defender- Lucas Carpenter, North Carolina State, one assist vs Duke Midfield- Michael Farfan, North Carolina one goal, one assist vs Wake Forest
Midfield- Jeff Cosgriff, California, three goals vs Oregon State Midfield-Irving Garcia, UC-Irvine, three goals, one assist last week Midfield- Kyle Nakazawa, UCLA, one goal, one assist vs San Diego State
Midfield- Bobby Warshaw, Stanford, two goals over the weekend FWD- Yannick Pilgrim, Davidson, two goals vs Duke
FWD- Lucky Mkosana, Dartmouth two goals vs Yale
FWD- Khalil Johnson, Campbell three goals in 28 minutes vs USC Upstate 

National Television Game of the Week: Boston University vs Binghamton, Friday, Oct. 16th 8:00 P.M. (ET), FSC

Boston University already played on national television once this season, someone and FSC thought that performance was inspiring enough to still broadcast this week’s game. . . On paper, this game is as appealing as watching Made of Honor, Binghamton’s offense ranks 96th in the nation (ouch), Boston University lost to New Hampshire and Hartford last week. On the other hand, ESPNU’s game this week is not much better, St. John’s vs Princeton on Wednesday at 6 PM (ET). On the positive side, if you get the Big Ten Network, Indiana vs Notre Dame is on television on Wednesday at 7 PM (ET) which is worth the watch.  

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