Mourinho slams modern football values upon Madrid exit

The outgoing Real Madrid boss says it is harder for a group to work as one unit with the declining values of professionalism.
Jose Mourinho has slammed modern footballing values upon his exit from Real Madrid, where he has experienced constant problems this season.

Frustrations in the dressing room were being leaked to the press, much to Mourinho's displeasure, and his decision to leave captain Iker Casillas on the sideline upon his return from injury caused discontent with players.

Mourinho, who is set to return to coach Chelsea this summer having agreed to part ways with Los Blancos, says the lack of values has lessened the effectiveness of a collective attitude in football.

"I believe success depends on objectives being reached for by a group, who are able identify, establish and fight for those goals," Mourinho told Jornal de Noticias. "It's becoming more and more difficult for a group to work as one. Values have been lost - education and professionalism are becoming worse and worse.

"It is a problem in current society and football in particular - working as groups, not individually."

Regarding his silence in the days leading up to his final game as Madrid boss - a 4-2 win over Osasuna on Saturday - Mourinho insisted that he was keen to avoid speaking about the negatives of his stay in Spain.

"I like to open and close my coaching cycles without talking about the downsides," Mourinho said. "I'll try not to speak to the Spanish media because of this."

Mourinho also said that losing games is not the drama it once was to him and discussed the the effect Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement as Manchester United coach has had on him.

"Twenty titles in all the countries I have coached in are a lot!" Mourinho said. "I have learned that, no matter what, I want to win more times, but I've accepted that losing is part of my professional life.

"Defeat nowadays is no longer a huge drama. With the departure of Ferguson, I realize that being a relatively young coach at the top has made me feel more responsible.

"I have been at the top of my profession for over 10 years. I feel more and more responsible. The younger coaches expect it of me and I cannot disappoint."