KNVB introduces 10-minute penalty for yellow cards in youth matches

The KNVB has introduced a new scheme that will see players forced to sit out 10 minutes if they pick up a caution.
The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is introducing a new scheme that will see a yellow card in the amateur game punished by a 10-minute spell on the sidelines.

The plans, which are to be brought in next season, will see a player be removed from the action if they receive a booking and anyone who has been banned will have to show that they have improved their conduct before being allowed to return to the game.

Anton Binnenmars, director of amateur football at the KNVB, said the manslaughter of linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen at the hands of three players at a local match in December 2012, was the catalyst for the measures.

“After the sad events on December 2, it became clear for the football world and the society in general that we needed to do something,” Binnenmars told reporters.

“We have to take stronger measures. Violence does not belong on the pitch.”

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