Tottenham fans attacked in Rome ahead of Lazio clash

As many as 10 Spurs fans were set upon by masked assailants during pre-match celebrations in the Italian capital, leaving at least one supporter seriously injured.
A least one Tottenham fan has been left seriously injured and nine others hurt after being attacked in Rome ahead of the club's Europa League clash with Lazio.

Nine British and one American were set upon by a group of masked assailants outside a pub near the center of the capital, with the incident believed to have left at least one supporter in the hospital and in possible need of surgery.

Police have confirmed that a number of Italians have been detained in relation to Thursday morning's events.

The president of the Lazio, Claudio Lotito, has insisted that the "cowardly" attack was not carried out by supporters of his club.

"The attackers were wearing helmets that have prevented status and recognition so [to say] they are supporters of Lazio is a statement entirely without foundation," Lotito said in a statement. "The Lazio fans have shown in recent times that they have totally abandoned manifestations of cowardly and free physical violence, as were those that occurred last night.

"Lazio have always preached to supporters the need to demonstrate sportsmanship and chivalry towards opponents and their fans. Events like those that occurred last night had nothing to do with football and its manifestations and are an expression of pure criminality."

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