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Barton: FA should be embarrassed by Terry punishment

Marseille midfielder feels English football's governing body have let the Chelsea captain off lightly as he was given 12 game ban after lashing out at Manchester City last season.

Marseille midfielder Joey Barton says the FA should be "ashamed of themselves" for only giving Chelsea captain John Terry a four-game ban for racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

The former England captain was also fined 220,000 pounds, but has the option to appeal all the punishments given to him by English football's governing body.

However, Barton feels infuriated by the decision as he believes the 31-year-old has gotten off lightly considering the reprimands given to Liverpool striker Luis Suarez last season, and his own 12-game ban for violent conduct against Manchester City last season.

"4 games? A years worth of investigation, a four day FA hearing and only a 4 game ban? Suarez got 8 didn't he?" Barton said on twitter.

"Well I think that proves a lot. What an absolute farce. 12 games for violent conduct and only 4 for that. FA should be embarrassed"

The midfielder is incensed that he got a more severe punishment after lashing out at several Manchester City players on the final day of last season.

"12 games!!! By the FA's perverse reckoning, I'd of got less of a ban for racially abusing the Man City players than tickling them as I did.  In what circumstance can that be right?" he asked.

"I'm not complaining because without the ban I might not be playing for Olympique d'Marseille. Every cloud and all that.

"Had a vivid dream last night involving Terry, a roaring crowd and a firing squad. Ah, not the turnout I expected."

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