Platini against technology ‘invading’ football

The 57-year-old remains against goal line technology being introduced into the sport and believes the game could end up relying too heavily on more advancements in the future.

UEFA president Michel Platini has maintained his anti-technology stance and insisted football should not be invaded by cameras and sensors.

The former France international has long been an advocate of extra refereeing, but Fifa looks to be finally coming around to using goal line technology.

There were fresh calls for it to be introduced after Ukraine saw a goal ruled out against England despite the ball crossing the line but Platini pointed out that the official’s error made amends for the missed offside.

“The goal between England and Ukraine: it was a goal. It was a mistake from the referee,” Platini told reporters. “But there was an offside before then. If the officials had given offside there wouldn't have been a goal. So why don't we have technology for offside decisions as well? Where does it stop?”

Platini insists his qualms with goal line technology exist because he sees any introduction as a potentially slippery slope into an invasion of more complications within the sport.

“It's not goal line technology in itself,” said the UEFA chief. “I am against technology coming into force to actually make decisions. It invades every single area. If tomorrow someone handballs it on the line and the referee doesn't see it, what then?

“We can't just have goal line technology. We also need sensors to see if someone has handballed it. We need cameras to see if it should be a goal or not.”

Tests have already been carried out regarding the mooted advancements but Platini remains adamant that his doubts about it are valid.

“Are you sure that it works?” the Euro 1984 winner questioned. “No one has seen the trials, no one has seen anything. I read an article from a journalist saying: 'We are not 100 per cent sure but we think it will help the referee. We don't know any more than that’.”

But, Platini warned that even if FIFA make goal line technology available at the highest level that Uefa could still choose not to use it.

“We are going to see if this is suggested and proposed to all federations," he said. “The national federations will have then have the chance to decide whether they want goal line technology. Mr Blatter knows what I think of this and I know his thoughts on the issue.”

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