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Every major league in North America has an All-Star game (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS), should soccer leagues around the world considering adding the event?

The NBA All-Star game kicks off this weekend and the event gives fans a chance to see some of the league's biggest stars play with each other.

From Carmelo Anthony paired with Lebron James and Dwight Howard to Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki, the combinations are compelling due to all of the talent that's on the same floor. Could there be the same success if soccer leagues like the English Premiership,  the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga held a similar event?


While the recognition of playing for national team is obviously held with high esteem, it isn't the fun spectacle that a All-Star game with talented players present (sorry MLS).  None of the major soccer leagues in the world have an All-Star game but imagine the possibilities.

Seeing Edison Cavani play with Zlatan Ibrahimovic or pairing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo together, it would be another way how to gauge who is the world's best player. readers, what are your thoughts? Vote for whether or not leagues around the world should have an All-Star match.

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